November 8, 2006

Britney and Kevin: The Sex Tape

Just as the news that Britney filed for divorce hit the tickers yesterday, the Fedster played his ace card. Mysteriously, 19 seconds of the infamous sex tape were sent to a website for worldwide distribution, and Kevin has proven how low he can go. Last week, Brit's $10 million lawsuit against US Weekly for defamation was dismissed. In October 2005, the mag ran a story about the sex tape saying that Brit was worried it would get out and that she and K-Fed had "acted goofy" while watching the tape with their lawyers. In December 2005, she sued them claiming, "There was no laughter, disgust or goofy behavior while watching the video in the company of lawyers because they did not watch any video, and because there is no such video." Considering they taped most of their lives for their reality show, the idea that a sex tape exists is plausible. Kevin probably told her he erased the footage and then held onto it for just this occasion. So while Brit Brit was ice-skating in New York with former manager Larry Rudolph, the Fedster was planning his film debut. His parents must be so proud.