November 25, 2006

Filthy Drunk: Can't Drive

Thanksgiving Eve is the biggest night for Americans to get their drink on, so it is only natural that someone out there acts like an idiot and gets a DWI. Fabian Basabe took home that honor this holiday weekend when he was arrested at 1:20 am after driving his Hummer through a red light on Central Park West in New York. Who is Fabian Basabe you ask? Well, he is a self-proclaimed socialite who gained celebrity when he danced with President Bush's daughter, Barbara, and was photographed dipping her. Fabian went on to appear in the E! reality show Filthy Rich:Cattle Drive along with Brittany Gastineau (above), Kim Kardashian, Courtney Semel and other rich kids. Fabian was beyond obnoxious on the show, but topped that behavior during the summer of 2005. While partying at The Star Room in the Hamptons, he got out of control and was politely asked to calm down and stop banging into other patrons and spilling drinks and bottles of vodka. Ignoring security's pleas, Fabian began to swing from the rafters, and that's when he went from barely famous to infamous in New York.

Naturally, the head of security asked him to leave the club and Fabian responded by shouting racist remarks at the African-American bouncers. He then accused the staff, whom he referred to as "negroes", of stealing his navy blue Prada sweater. Fabian apologized the next day via Page Six and has laid low since then. Tuesday night's arrest marks his 2006 return to the gossip columns and his lawyers have accused the NYPD of being "bumbling" cops that only targeted him because he was famous. Yeah, that sounds reasonable. It probably didn't have anything to do with his suspended license, the fact that he was drunk or that he ran a red light. It was totally the "celebrity" thing.