November 9, 2006

Focus On Fedster

The Fedster had a busy day yesterday as he filed his own papers for divorce and "performed" at the House of Blues in Chicago. In his divorce filing he is asking the court for legal and physical custody of the kids, spousal support, and that Brit Brit be required to pay all of his attorney fees and costs. Hot off the heels of selling 6,500 albums last week, the Fedster continues his tour. And that was not 65,000 units, it was 6,500. As a debut, that is very, very bad. Even Paris Hilton sold 75,000 copies of her whatever you want to call it. As expected, not too many people showed up even though the tickets were free. Yes, free. At least in New York there was the rumor that his wife would be there, now it is just hecklers. Some of K-Fed's more memorable quotes of the evening were, "Hey, I see a lot of fine ladies in here. You know I'm a free man, right, ladies? You wanna dance with a pimp?" followed up by, "Smoke chronic like my ex-wife does." Before Kevin makes his way over to The Surreal Life on VHI we suspect he's going to put up one hell of a fight. While Britney has probably cut him off from his money source, he has to go on stage every night and rap the following lyrics: "carrying 10 G's in my pocket, 5 in my hand...fill the Lamborghini up with shopping bags...Who told this bastard that he can't rap? I got 50 mil, I can do whatever I want!" Um, not anymore pumpkin.