November 2, 2006

The New Delhi Daily

Brangelina may be in India, but their crazy hijinks are all over the American tabloids. In this week alone they have threatened to file two totally unrelated lawsuits. Oh, and Brad complained that a crew trespassed, but anyway here goes....So this guy comes out of Cambodia where Maddox was adopted and claims that Angelina didn't deliver on a pledged charity contribution there. Lawsuit number one. The charity advisor for Brangelina has said that they know this guy misrepresented funds and they are looking to sue him. Booooring. Now for the good stuff. Brad Pitt sat for a photographer in 2005 who then sold the rights to all of his photos to Vanity Fair to do with as they pleased. Well, they pleased to put Brad in his underwear on the cover of the December issue. VF says they notified Brad that they were using the shot for the photo, he says they didn't. His rep says she seriously questions the integrity and motives of Vanity Fair. Hello? We're not talking The New Yorker here. Integrity? Please. Don't sign the release form for a photo shoot if you don't want the photos to be used. Hollywood 101. Also this week in Brangelina Baby news, Angelina is preggers again. Allegedly. Last week she fainted twice and it was blamed on the emotional toll of a scene she was filming. Whatever, she's totally pregs. An eyewitness at the hotel she's staying at said she is always draping a scarf over her midsection and wearing outfits similar to what she wore when she was first pregnant with Shiloh. The other report is that they are looking to adopt an Indian boy under the age of 18 months old. Apparently Brad wants to even out the score in the brood: two boys, two girls. While these are all rumors, Pitt's new film Babel, is garnering attention as an Oscar favorite. Stay tuned for next week when Brangelina will be giving birth to twins, adopting seven Indian children and suing three more people. And we forgot to mention that they aren't getting married until gay people are allowed to marry. That one is true. They really said that.