November 21, 2006

Outed By Rosie

On Friday, Clay Aiken was filling in for Regis on Live With Regis & Kelly and committed the ultimate faux pas by covering Kelly's mouth with his hand while they were interviewing guests. Kelly removed his hand and said, "That's a no-no. I don't know where that hand has been." Yesterday, Kelly explained to Regis that Clay's behavior was disrespectful. End of story. No, no, no. On The View this morning, Rosie O'Donnell threw in her two cents and said she found Kelly's statement to be homophobic. Now we're going to get hate mail from the Claymates, but it is accepted that Aiken is a gay man, albeit not out of the closet. If there was any question, O'Donnell just quashed it. So Kelly called into The View and Rosie and Kelly got into it. Kelly said Rosie should know better and to think that she was homophobic is outrageous. Rosie insisted that was the way she saw it and she just wanted to get her view across. Okay, so we love Rosie and all but her accusation was way out of line. BUT, her paranoid defense of gay people does explain her love for her Tommy Boy.