November 10, 2006

The 'See You Next Tuesday' Word

We tried to make it through the week without a post about Lindsay Lohan but we have failed miserably, so here goes. Tuesday there was the appearance on Oprah to promote Bobby which looks like a great film, despite Lohan's involvement. Oprah brought up the party-girl image, Lohan said she "hates that word," and then her usual, "Is it a crime to go out?" blah, blah, blah. Oprah asked director Emilio Estevez if Lindsay was on-time to set and he said she did a great job. William H. Macy described it differently back in August, but Estevez was clearly trying to keep the focus on the film. At 2 am on Tuesday morning Lohan got in another car accident while leaving LA club Hyde, which is crash number 3 for her within the last 18 months. She was not injured and went out the next night. And the next night. Basically every night this week she was out sullying her image. When asked her thoughts on the Britney divorce she said, "I didn't even know that, actually...I really don't care." Please, she didn't know. Osama bin Laden knows, and he lives in a cave. The biggest story this week for Lohan was her use of the "c" word in describing her friend, Paris Hilton. Of course this was caught on film for all to see and even garnered an Associated Press headline. They say that even negative publicity is good publicity, but we're thinking in Lohan's case...not so much.

*Video contains harsh language, specifically the "c" word