November 29, 2006

Stripper Sucks At Spin

The investigative journalists over at Star Magazine have uncovered the truth regarding Kevin Federline and his cheatin' ways. Beginning in early October of this year, the Fedster began sleeping with exotic dancer Kendra Jade, after the two reconnected through a mutual friend. The former hardcore porn actress initially met Kevin last December in Vegas where they spent some quality time together. This occurred after Brit had Kevin's Ferrari towed away, he had moved into a hotel and while Britney and Sean Preston were in Louisiana. Kendra's response to the original story last year was, "She is in a committed relationship." Kendra originally became famous in porn circles when she secretly videotaped herself having sex with Jerry Springer, the talk-show host and Dancing With The Stars contestant. When Star asked her to comment on this latest affair with the Fedster her response was, "She is in a committed relationship." Seriously, a porn actress turned stripper will never, ever receive this much attention again. The least she could do is come up with a better response. Perhaps a "No Comment" to keep us interested. The committed relationship crap is just boring, especially the second time around. We are cutting Kendra Jade's 15 minutes of fame down to five. Buh-bye.