November 15, 2006

Sweet Home Louisiana

Kevin Federline is not doing himself any favors in the court of public opinion. While Britney brought their kids to visit the Spears family in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana (above) the Fedster is partying it up on his album tour. After performing in Chicago the day after the divorce papers were filed, he wrote the lovely message below with a marker on the dressing room door at The House Of Blues. As for the sex tape fiasco, MSNBC reported that porn entrepreneur, David Hans Schmidt, told them, "Two days after Britney filed for divorce I was contacted by an individual who indicated that he had a digital video of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline having sex." The tape is allegedly four hours long and was filmed during the first two weeks of their relationship at The Beverly Hills Hotel. He projected sales of the tape would be in the $200 million range and because the footage belongs to Kevin, Brit Brit's lawyers will be unable to stop its distribution. As for the divorce proceedings and winning custody of the kids, Kevin is going with a strategy we're not familiar with that involves acting like a lunatic. Judges love that.