December 12, 2006

A Brit Brit Break From Studying

Forgive us for what will be a sporadic week of posts as we study for a very big and very important final exam. There may be days that we might not be able to blog at all, and we apologize in advance. We will however, be back in business next Monday. Brit Brit unveiled her latest look over the weekend which we must say is much better than what we've been seeing. She's still not where she could be, but thank God she's not where she was. Also unveiled was her new boyfriend, Jonathan J.R. Rotem, with whom she went out with on Saturday night and ended up back at his apartment at 3 in the morning. The two took in a movie on Sunday as well as lunch. Here they are sharing a cigarette and a kiss. Uh-oh, kisses tend to lead to other things that lead to idiot husbands but we're getting ahead of ourselves here.According to J.R., he is a multi-platinum producer and has worked with Britney, Paris Hilton, 50 Cent, The Game, and is collaborating with Brit Brit on her new album...IF she ever gets around to putting one out. The way her career has been going, she'll get pregnant again by whomever, maybe this dude, maybe Brandon Davis and then ugh. And what's with that cheesy keyboard necklace? And the dippity-do'd hair and the come hither, do I look sexy bedroom eyes? Okay we'll stop now. But seriously the row of diamond tennis bracelets are more gay than street. Just so you know.