January 9, 2007

All Things Anna

Anna Nicole Smith returned to the States again, this time showing up at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Also attending the boxing match was Hulk Hogan who lives about 30 miles away in Miami. A Los Angeles judge has ruled that Anna must submit her daughter, Dannielynn, for DNA testing by January 23rd. In preparation of the baby-daddy ruling, her lawyer and companion, Howard K. Stern, has set up a dummy corporation to shelter any money she may receive from her late husband's estate so that Larry Birkhead will not be able to touch it if he is the father. Which he is. No word on whatever happened with the investigation into her son's death. The last news on Anna was that a judge in the Bahamas evicted her from the house she was squatting in. Also, the man she hired to do the private autopsy on her son filed papers against her because she never paid him. Sounds like it's time for someone to do another reality show and make some money.