January 5, 2007

Comes All The Way Back Around

The latest news regarding Justin Timberlake is that he has broken up with Cameron Diaz...for good this time. They spent the holidays separately and she did not attend the premiere of his movie Alpha Dog in Los Angeles. His people insisted that no questions be asked about his personal life at the premiere so pretty much, yeah, they're done. He has already been linked with two Hollywood blondes, the first being Kate Hudson. Kate and Owen Wilson recently split up and Justin attended a party at her house where the two went upstairs alone and re-emerged with Kate wearing a different dress. The other blonde is Scarlett Johansson who recently broke up with her longtime boyfriend, Josh Hartnett. Justin and Scarlett recently filmed the video for "What Goes Around" and she attended the after-party for his movie where she talked with Justin and his mom for over an hour. No word on if Kate or Scarlett received a special gift for Christmas. Above is a live performance in Paris of "What Comes Around" which is rumored to be about Britney. The lyrics are pretty self-explanatory although he didn't sing this verse at the show: 'Let me paint this picture for you, baby. You spend your nights alone, And he never comes home, And every time you call him, All you get's a busy tone. I heard you found out, That he's doing to you, What you did to me, Ain't that the way it goes. You cheated girl, My heart bleeds girl, So it goes without saying that you left me feeling hurt. Just a classic case, A scenario. Tale as old as time, Girl you got what you deserved, And now you want somebody, To cure the lonely nights. You wish you had somebody,That could come and make it right, But girl I ain't somebody with a lot of sympathy. You'll see.' Something tells us Brit Brit already does see. What comes around goes around. Ain't that the truth.