February 22, 2007

The Anna Nicole Smith Ruling

Judge Seidlin is about to rule in the case. We're guessing he will allow Anna to be buried next to her son Daniel in the Bahamas. Virgie Arthur's witnesses both said that Anna should be next to her son. The judge repeated to her lawyers, "This is your witness," because they both testified in favor of Howard K. Stern taking Anna to be buried next to Daniel. More to come as it happens. *Update: The judge just ruled that the remains of Anna will be flown to the Bahamas immediately so that she may be buried next to her son. He was crying during his ruling and gave custody to Richard Millstein, the guardian ad litem, for Danielynn. The court is now being cleared so that Arthur, Stern and Birkhead can meet to discuss the burial in the Bahamas. Two weeks after her death, Smith will finally be put to rest.