February 12, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith

The tragic death of Anna Nicole Smith on Thursday continues to dominate the news with conspiracy theories and photos surfacing daily. Following her death, G. Ben Thompson, changed the locks and took possession of Anna's Bahamas home that is at the center of a legal battle concerning ownership. This photo of the refrigerator in her bedroom shows vials of medicine as well as methadone, which is the drug that killed her son Daniel. (A witness is claiming that Howard K. Stern gave Daniel methadone and a nurse said Anna screamed at Howard that he killed Daniel.) Another photo taken from her home appeared on the front page of a Bahamian newspaper this morning showing Anna and Shane Gibson, the immigration minister, in an embrace on her bed. (An investigation into her residency was launched in October.)

The man at the center of it all, Howard K. Stern, traveled with media reps from Florida to the Bahamas and has received at least $800,000 for photos and interviews of his reunion with Anna's daughter, Danielynn. Upon arriving at the home, he had the locks changed again so he could re-enter and promptly filed a police report citing stolen items. Meanwhile, Anna's estranged mother was photographed outside the locked gates of the home and Stern has vowed to not allow her near Danielynn. The paternity battle continues with a DNA test scheduled for the end of this month.

Everyone from Anna's half-sister to her mother to her father has been interviewed, and not one member of her family has expressed sorrow over her death. Her half-sister delivered a manuscript titled Trainwreck: The Life and Death of Anna Nicole Smith to a publisher in which she claims Anna had her late husband's sperm frozen and that Dannielynn is actually the daughter of J. Howard Marshall. Don Hogan, Anna's father, told reporters that the girls had only met once in their lives and there is no way that "the sister" could know anything about Anna. Her mother has appeared on countless talk shows to talk about how wasted Anna was and how she or Howard caused the death of Daniel. She went on to say that she would seek custody of Danielynn. These people abandoned and betrayed Anna and now they are trying to lay claim to her daughter and estate. Disgusting.