February 16, 2007

Baby Daddy Number Six

The judge overseeing the battle for Anna Nicole Smith's body made two rulings this morning, neither of which are in Howard K. Stern's favor. First of all, Anna's will must be presented to the court for all to see as "there are no secrets" in the judge's court. Secondly, Howard must appear in Ft. Lauderdale on Tuesday as a witness. Larry Birkhead will testify on behalf of Anna's mother, and presumably the guardian ad litem that the judge appointed for Dannielynn will travel to the Bahamas to oversee her care. Bahamian authorities have ruled that the baby can not be removed from the Bahamas after Anna's mother filed a complaint with them regarding the care of the baby. In other Anna news, two documents have shown up on TMZ.com that are extremely damaging to Stern in the court of public opinion. Dannielynn's nanny filed an affidavit in the Bahamas on December 4th, shortly after she was fired because she could not find the manual for a new washing machine delivered to the house. The nanny claims that Anna attempted to commit suicide twice in the 3 months that she worked at the home. The first time Anna drank an entire bottle of what appeared to be a liquid sleeping aid and subsequently slept for 48 hours straight. The nanny asked Anna why she drank the liquid and she replied, "I wanted to die...I meant to kill myself." Shortly after that, Howard and Mo, the bodyguard, put Anna in a patio chair next to the pool. The nanny claims that she asked a short time later where Anna was, at which time Howard pulled her from the bottom of the pool where she had tried to drown herself. The document reads: 'Mr. Howard Stern, who said to Ms. Marshall, in my presence, the rather odd remark that "...If anything happens to you, I would go to jail..."' Howard confirmed the pool incident on Entertainment Tonight. The affidavit also says that Anna wanted her to feed Dannielynn 2.5 ounces of formula versus 3 ounces of formula every 3 hours to keep her "sexy." The other document shows that Dr. Sandeep Kapoor wrote prescriptions for methadone and demerol under her alias, Michelle Chase, just 13 days before Anna gave birth. The pills were sent to Vicky Marshall in the Bahamas and retrieved from a mailbox by Howard. (Dr. Kapoor is now under investigation by California's medical board.) Birkhead has said that Anna had a miscarriage before becoming pregnant with Dannielynn and that she was struggling to get off prescription drugs. Finally, the brother of Jackie Hatten claims that he gave a sperm sample to Anna when they were dating and that he is the father. Mark "Hollywood" Hatten is currently in prison for making terrorist threats against Anna and for beating up her neighbor. Lovely.