February 23, 2007

Idol Chatter

Lakisha Jones holds the top spot, by far, on Season 6 of American Idol. The Fox network continues to have all clips from Idol pulled from YouTube so above is her performance of "And I'm telling you" from a 2005 competition. She now has long hair and sang a better version on Wednesday night, but you get the idea. She rocks. For the guys, Sanjaya Malakar (below) received poor reviews after his performance on Tuesday from the judges, but finished in the top 4 according to Ryan Seacrest. DialIdol places him as number 2 based on voting volume. At 17, Sanjaya is the youngest in the competition with the closest singer in age being 8 years older than him. He is also the first Indian-American contestant to make the finals in 6 seasons. Good luck to him, but it's going to take a big effort from him and voters to surpass powerhouse Lakisha. And yes, this is our first ever American Idol post and we're acknowledging that we have been watching for years. Consider this to be our "coming out."