February 28, 2007

Make It Stop

When will Anna Nicole Smith finally be laid to rest? Seriously. Her mother claims to love her yet she insists on holding up the burial. Judge Seidlin rejected the devil's request for a stay in his ruling so the case has been appealed to another court. If Virgie Arthur would simply drop her desperate attempt for attention and money, then Anna Nicole would be at peace next to her son. Now the devil has filed for paternity of Dannielynn in a Bahamian court. Meanwhile, Howard K. Stern allowed Larry Birkhead to visit with his daughter over the weekend and the two are close to an agreement regarding custody. In terms of custody the courts in the Bahamas first look to the birth certificate which lists Howard, and then they consider factors such as education, financial means and home environment. Lucky for Dannielynn, the devil known as Virgie has none of these factors going for her.