March 8, 2007

Believe It Or Not

The more we watch of the Anna Nicole saga, the more we despise Virgie Arthur. This disgusting beast is really beyond comprehension. Click here or go to the bottom of this post to watch her shovel dirt on Anna's grave (over 50 times) like a madwoman and then....wait for it....walk over her daughter's grave. Yes, she did. During the funeral Virgie said, "We all loved you and have so many stories to tell about you." This translates as, "I'll sell those stories to the tabloids for cold, hard cash." In other funeral news, Anna was buried with an urn containing half of her former husband J. Howard Marshall's ashes, while the other half is in Texas with his son's family. Virgie's lawyers are extending their 15 minutes of fame with the announcement that she is now suing to have both Anna's and Daniel's bodies exhumed and moved to Texas. What happens to half of J. Howard Marshall? And what did they promise Daniel's gross unemployed birth father to get him to go along with this plan? Free fried chicken? Billy Smith (below at their wedding) testified that he didn't want to bring Daniel's body back to Texas. Now he does? Virgie, give it up. Your daughter hated you. You are a pathetic piece of trailer trash and you need to stop. Yes, it's that time. Go the fuck away.