March 22, 2007

Brit Brit Sues The Brits

The latest on the Britster has her winning a court injunction against the British tabloids in regards to information they received about her stay in rehab. AaaaHa! So it was true. We read on some blogs last week that Brit Brit was bulimic and she wasn't keeping her anti-depressants down. After detoxing from alcohol, ecstasy and cocaine, Brit was being treated for her bipolar disorder but the medications were not having an effect. Enter bulimia. At the time we didn't believe the story because what medical professional leaks information? That's not cool and most definitely illegal. It turns out Brit talked in group therapy about what was happening and a fellow rehabber sold the information. Other stories have appeared in the American tabloids regarding Spears' obnoxious behavior and horrible attitude at the center, but being a brat is not a medical condition so we assume she can't sue for printing that. We're not a doctor but somehow we think if Britney ate food other than Cheetos and McDonald's, she may have better luck keeping it down. Was that mean to say? Perhaps, but it's not called tough love because it's all puppies and rainbows.