March 10, 2007

Introducing Marshall Black Deer Soto

Anna Nicole Smith wrote a will in late 2001 in which she intentionally excludes any future children from inheriting anything from her estate. Judge Seidlin said that no woman would ever include that provision, but the reason for the odd wording has just emerged. Smith had an affair with a Native American man named Johnny Soto in Arizona when she was staying at a spa and she gave birth to a son. His name is Marshall Black Deer Soto and he was born in September of 2001 in Burbank, California. This article in the Phoenix New Times explains the circumstances of his birth as well as an explanation for Anna's immense weight gain before her reality show. In an effort to hide the pregnancy from Howard she put on tons of weight and Stern didn't know about the baby until 2 months before he was born. Anna developed severe postpartum depression which led to her taking several medications, hence her drugged out appearance on 'The Anna Nicole Show.' Anna gave the boy to his father to raise in Arizona and after the show premiered, Soto moved his son onto the Indian reservation so that she could not take the child from him. Soto explained that her behavior was embarrassing and he was worried about her drug intake. From the time Marshall was born, Anna gave father and son $10,000 a month continuously up until her death. Howard K. Stern accompanied Anna to Arizona when she would visit her son, yet he will not accept calls from Soto since Anna's passing. With the help of the Indian tribe, Soto is attempting to hire a lawyer so that his son Marshall will inherit part of Anna's estate. The five-year-old most recently received a mountain bike from his mother for Christmas of 2006 and has always slept with her picture next to his bed. His father last spoke with Anna in January at which time he felt she needed to be institutionalized. Also during that month she wrote him a letter in lipstick and sent a photo of her shaving Howard's behind. A former assistant talked about seeing that photo in Anna's room and asking her, "Whose butt is that?" Anna said, "That's Howard."
*Update: The original article is reportedly a hoax. With all the craziness in this saga it actually seemed plausible. Right now, if we heard that Anna was actually J. Howard Marshall's long lost daughter we'd say, "Yeah, that's sounds about right."