March 7, 2007

The Jersey Girl Scandal

So, this is what all the hoopla surrounding Antonella Barba is about. Rosie O'Donnell made enemies of the producers of American Idol after she said they were racist and weightist (is this a word?) for not kicking Barba off this season, after Frenchie Davis was eliminated a few seasons ago. The View is not allowed to air clips from the show anymore due to Rosie's statements and Barbara was seemingly taking their side on this feud. (As are we.) First of all, these photos are not that bad and Antonella was not paid to have them taken. She is not nude in any of them and the two that look staged were taken for a calendar that she gave to her former boyfriend. On the other hand, Frenchie was paid to pose nude on a website that promoted underage pornography. That was her job. Much different. Anyway, Antonella still can't sing that well and Lakisha Jones or Melinda Doolittle is going to win the whole thing in the end so this is just a moot point. Just thought you should know.