March 13, 2007

The Seven Year Itch

Another celeb has fallen off the sober train. Marc Jacobs followed up his Paris fashion shows with a visit to an Arizona rehab facility. The designer's business partner, Robert Duffy, told Women's Wear Daily: "He'd been sober for seven years. When he relapsed, he wanted to deal with it right away. According to the experts, such a relapse isn't uncommon. Thankfully, Marc recognized the problem himself and chose to deal with it. Obviously, our prayers are with him." The publicity-shy designer made a rare appearance on Oprah awhile back and talked about his early party days. We blame this relapse on the influence of his on-again, off-again gigolo boyfriend who is known for his wild ways. We also blame him for the crazy Vuitton bags of late. Hey, let's blame him for global warming while we're at it. But seriously, the boy-toy needs to go.