March 27, 2007

So Many Brits, So Little Time

While we're in a very British frame of mind following the heir and spare antics, we'll stay with it and move onto Lohan antics. "But she's from Long Island," you say? We say, "Indeed she is but all of her recent men are from the UK." While she was in New York over St. Patrick's Day, Lohan was all about Jude Law. They even stayed at the same hotel. He went off to Russia or some place to work. No Brit in tow, Lohan headed over to Los Angeles where she took up with James Blunt of "You're Beautiful" fame. People magazine confirmed today that James Blunt and Petra Nemcova broke up in February and it was amicable. Did he sing this song to her? All this doesn't mean that Blunt is with Lohan, it just means that Blunt and Nemcova were forced to confirm their split because he partied with Lohan. Lohan told paparazzi that she was now dating a "Mystery Man." Queer. Anyway, Robbie Williams has been at the clubs (and randomly at the Dancing With The Stars Live show last night) since leaving rehab. As Robbie and James are friends, we're sure Lohan and Robbie just talked. Maybe about James? Did we say we're sure? Because we meant to say we're guessing.