March 12, 2007

Stick A Fork In Her

Britney, Britney, Britney. What are we gonna do with you? One month ago, Brit Brit partied it up in the city's Meatpacking District and her little tour had us calling for an intervention. Now that night is coming back to haunt her as photos are being sold of Britney naked as she changed into the dancer's bikini. AND...the two dancers were fired from their jobs after security camera footage showed them partying it up with Britney, when they thought no one was looking. Those two female dancers later spent the night with Brit in her hotel suite. Apparently the tape is so outrageous that if it got on the internet, Britney would definitely lose custody of her sons. Brit's ex-husband and childhood friend, Jason Alexander, gave an interview to the Sunday Mirror in which he said he walked in on Brit having sex with another woman. "They were going at it." He also explained that he and Brit used drugs during the weekend they married in Vegas. "We used Ecstacy at night to party and cocaine during the day to stay awake. Then we would take downers like Valium or Vicodin." He also said that one night Britney overdosed, "She wasn't moving. I thought she was going to die." Brit ought to be very, very nice to K-Fed or his lawyers could call a myriad of witnesses into the court deciding the custody issue. If a lesbian sex and drug tape starring Britney Spears emerges? She's done.