March 14, 2007

Those Crazy Lohan's

Lohan's estranged father, Michael, was released from a New York state prison yesterday after serving 2 years for DUI and assault. His mother threw him a small welcome home party on Long Island, and he has wasted no time in getting his name in the papers. He told reporters today that he wants to mend his relationship with Lindsay, "I'm going to wait, and when she sees I'm walking the walk, I'm hopeful she'll open the door." Apparently "the walk" means pitching reality shows? For her part, Lohan has been in Manhattan this week and hit a photographer with her car as she left the nightclub Butter yesterday morning. The guy suffered an injured knee and was treated at a local hospital. And yes, we think it's weird too that she supposedly doesn't drink, but goes out to clubs every single night of the week. Below she is leaving Bungalow 8 early this morning with a suspicious white powder on her pants. Hmmmmmm.