March 16, 2007

Waitin' For The World To Change

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer are a super-duper serious couple these days. These photos of them at The Ivy (above) and in Rome, Italy last week (below) pretty much write this post for us. Her psycho father/manager, Joe Simpson, has been giving interviews saying that this relationship is different than her marriage to Nick because "John already has an established career." Apparently there's no competition now. Ummmmm, Jessica has a career? News to us. Speaking of Jessica, the "Dirt" show starring Courtney Cox recently did an episode where a greaseball former minister father/manager made his daughters Hollywood stars by pimping them out to editors of tabloids and then blackmailing them for coverage. First there was the older "singer" and then the younger "singer." Based on the Simpsons? Obviously.