March 7, 2007

That Laguna Kid Is Now Really Famous

Jason, Jason, Jason. What has become of him? Perhaps he shouldn't have treated all those girls so horribly? It was just last summer that he convinced Lauren to give up an internship in Paris so the two of them could get a summer house which led to their immediate break-up. This was after he terrorized poor Jessica back in high school. Now that he's not on Laguna Beach, nor appearing on Lauren's reality show, The Hills, he seems to be more famous than ever. He even earned his own Associated Press story. Wahler was arrested this past weekend for underage drinking and resisting arrest in North Carolina and released on $1000 bond. Today he appeared in a Los Angeles court stemming from a September 2006 arrest in which he beat up a city worker and a tow truck driver as they went about towing an illegally parked car. Jason and his friends jumped out of their car that was being blocked and beat, kicked and spit on the men. Now he's headed to jail for 60 days and required to attend 101 AA meetings (his blood alcohol level was .22) and 36 hours of anger management classes. He must also attend a class at the Museum of Tolerance because he yelled racial slurs at the African-American men. This kid is a piece of work.