March 9, 2007

Who Dunnit

The medical examiner in Ft. Lauderdale, Dr. Perper, announced that the results of Anna Nicole's autopsy have been completed and they have determined a cause of death. As nothing is ever as simple as it should be in this saga, of course he will not release the results because police have turned over new evidence. A spokesman for the Seminole Police Tribe that owns the Hard Rock Hotel said, "This is not delayed evidence this is just additional evidence that has come to light during the course of the investigation." Anna's friend and bodyguard, Moe, reportedly spoke with investigators about the timeline leading up to Anna's death. Apparently security camera footage shows Howard, Moe and his wife in the lobby then all going up to the suite, then Howard pacing in the lobby on his cell phone and leaving. Moe also left and then returned 15 minutes later when his wife called him and said Anna wasn't breathing. Howard K. Stern has not returned to Florida from the Bahamas for further questioning so who knows what the deal is. One rumor is that a maid saw Anna dead the day before in the suite and the ice bath to bring down her fever was actually to preserve her body until Moe and his wife arrived the next morning. These theorists believe Howard K. Stern is some kind of mastermind, but they obviously never watched Anna's reality show. He's no genius.