April 5, 2007

Brandon Davis Gets A Job

The artist over at gallery of the absurd did a brilliant homage to the girls of The Simple Life. We love the wonky eye and giant feet on Paris, and Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis is perfect. In Paris news, she just got her lawyer to go after MTV, resulting in the pulling of an episode of a new show that she appeared in. Paris did a skit that was her selling "What would Paris do?" bracelets ala infomercial. Then they showed a Hilton-like girl being pulled over by the police and asking, "What would Paris do?" She used the policeman as a pole for her skanky dance. Yeah, Paris probably would do that, but she's upset because she's in all this trouble with the police for her driving arrests. Drama. Oh, and Nicole Richie is still dating Joel Madden from Good Charlotte, and she's still fainting a lot at work on the "reality" show. We forgot the excuse she's been giving. Must have been compelling.