April 4, 2007

So Many Courtcases, So Little Time

Remember last week when we posted the whole DNA Dannielynn thing? Well Howard K. Stern appealed the ruling that would make public the biological father of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern public, and the court in the Bahamas said no way and they fined him $10,000. After he withdrew his appeal. Howard then had to pay Larry Birkhead's attorney (who is thankfully not Debra Opri anymore) as well as the court's costs for filing a frivolous claim. They're not fucking around down there with this paternity thing. The inquest into Daniel Smith's death was supposed to start last Thursday but Stern's attorney's argued that a jury could not decide fairly because the media has painted such a harsh picture of him. The request for a verdict decided by only the judge was denied, and a 12 person jury comprised of all women was convened. The inquest has been delayed until Thursday as Stern is in court on the DNA thing. A report has come out that alleges Howard went ahead with the purchase of the yacht that he and Anna had travelled to Florida to buy. He bought it the day after Anna died. It's in his name. Scandal? We're starting to think perhaps.