April 2, 2007

This Is Why People Dislike Lawyers

After receiving a bill from Debra Opri for $620,492.84, Larry Birkhead may want to scale down the shopping for his daughter that he doesn't have yet. Some of the items that Larry was charged for include: $435. for dubbing tapes from TV appearances that Debra made, $4,500. for her publicist, $4,265. for Cingular roaming charges while she was in the Bahamas, more than $3,500. for two dinners that Debra had in the Bahamas, neither of which Larry was present for. The bill goes on and on and she even charged Larry for her husband's laundry while he was in the Bahamas. While Larry told Debra that she should not attend Anna's funeral, the lawyer from hell did anyway and of course, billed Larry for it. David Owen, Opri's attorney, gave this statement, "We're pretty confident that her bills are fair and reasonable and he has not paid them. She is entitled to be paid and he stiffed her and her bills are fair and reasonable." Wow. Pretty confident? It's time for Debra to get a new client to pay for her publicist.