May 8, 2007

Hit Me Baby One More Time

While the luck of the Irish prevailed in the Paris Hilton scenario (more on her later), the entertainment news in Ireland was all about Britney Spears, despite her not hiring a stylist. The first night's "show" video (which can be viewed on TMZ) made it across the pond, and the 5 second clip didn't look half bad. Then we watched the whole thing and she was basically lipsynching and dancing. She didn't keep up with her dancers and her "new" body was not all that. Brit Brit did a show in San Diego, Los Angeles and Vegas. The above photo is her arrival and departure from the L.A. show, which Lindsay Lohan attended in a chic white suit (more on her later). Currently Brit Brit is trying to negotiate herself out of the contract she signed with her former manager, Larry Rudolph, shortly after she filed for divorce from the Fedster. She wants to cut her father and others out of her life and is also negotiating the divorce clause that has Kevin and Brit sharing the proceeds from photograph sales of their sons. Jayden, now 8 months old, has never been seen in public and folks think Brit Brit is trying to drive the price up. We imagine there will be a tell-all interview with photos brokered to coincide with her first real tour. Her album is slated to be released in November which gives her the whole summer to turn everything around. It will only take one hit song. And possibly a stylist.