May 9, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday

The Costume Institute Gala was at the Met on Monday evening, and nearly all the fashionistas were there. Kirsten Dunst brought her gross rocker boyfriend, Johnny, and was all smiles. Her dress and headgear were eww, but whatever. Her movie, Spiderman 3, just became the top grossing film in history and raked in $148 million over the weekend. We'll cut her some slack.
Lindsay Lohan was fresh off her cocaine photo scandal and turned it out flawlessly. Beautifully done.
Mary-Kate Olsen is still doing the homeless person grunge thing with her hair, but at least she's off the coke. Looking much healthier these days. Perhaps Stavros was the influence? Wow. We just mentioned Stavros in 2 different posts today. Random.
For once we think Ashley Olsen is the better of the twins. She looks gorgeous and arrived with Christian Louboutin. Her feet are psyched.