June 5, 2007

Estranged Father? Check. Lesbian Affair? Check. Crazy Drugged Out Behavior? Check.

It's a good thing for Lohan that her dealer wasn't late this time. Wow. She's been hooked on the coke since at least May of 2005. Now...we're no experts, but wouldn't now be a critical point in Lindsay's life? Having your bodyguard bring you cocaine, meth, oxy, whatever, into rehab for you, may have not been the right decision but we don't want to get all motherly on you. But hey, if you're gonna go big, go Big-big. Speaking of mothers, Dina is in talks to do a reality show for E! tentatively called Mom-ager. Her father is promoting some rehab in the Hamptons, and like we said....not experts, but if you're gonna go big....go Badda-Bing big. Before her 21st Birthday Bash in Vegas, set for July 2nd, we expect to see Lohan with a heroin addiction, the result being that she gains enough emotional reserve to win herself an Oscar. Hey, it worked for Angelina.