July 18, 2007

Andy Dick Is Such A Dick

Troy McClure here. Phil Hartman was brilliant on Saturday Night Live and his characters on The Simpsons were our favorites. The Simpsons Movie comes out on the 27th and we hope he has an advanced screening. It has been nearly ten years since Hartman's wife, Bryn, shot him and then shot herself. Prior to the tragedy Bryn had not done cocaine for ten years after a long struggle with the drug. At a Christmas party five months before she killed her husband, Bryn was offered cocaine. By Andy Dick. She accepted and five months later Hartman was dead. At the time, Dick and Hartman were co-stars on Newsradio. Jon Lovitz recently appeared on Dennis Miller's show and explained a series of encounters with Dick following Phil's death in which Andy put the Phil Hartman hex on Lovitz, saying - you're the next to die. This resulted in Lovitz smashing Andy Dick's head against a wall until security busted it up. Dennis Miller applauded the move.