July 26, 2007

With Friends Like These....

We've mentioned Dori Cooperman before as she is Lohan's new BFF, and we figured we'd give some background on the gal. Now she has blonde hair (see post below). We like the brown better. This is from the NY Post:
April 10, 2007 -- SOCIALLY ambitious Dori Cooperman got into trouble with the law last week. The stick-thin New Jersey native - who is friends with such swells as Rena Sindi, Alex von Furstenberg, Rachel Peters, Rob Speyer and Harrison Lefrak - was arrested last Wednesday in Westport, Conn., and charged with first-degree forgery and third-degree larceny after she allegedly stole and cashed a $4,300 check. According to the Westport News, a local resident mailed a check to a person in New York, but the check ended up in Cooperman's bank account. Cooperman turned herself in to police and is expected back in Westport court on Friday. When first contacted by Page Six, Cooperman claimed, "It wasn't me . . . someone must have stolen my ID. One of my licenses is missing . . . My father is getting a lawyer on this right now." But after we informed her that Sgt. Jerry Shannon of the Westport Police Department confirmed it was indeed she, Cooperman e-mailed us, "I was accused of something. It's a whole mistake but I can't talk about it until everyone involved resolves it."