August 16, 2007

Be Careful, The Bloggers Are Watching

We thought it was a little weird when Spencer asked Brody for his credit card to buy Heidi's ring and then he ripped up the receipt. Um, if you're buying a ring that is worth 8 or 10 grand, you need to insure it. Spencer was saying he should put a tracking device on it, GPS, and how it was "bling" which is so uncool to say, but staying on topic, he said the ring was like J.Lo's and Kobe Bryant's. Turns out that the company, Ice, doesn't even sell real diamonds and the ring cost anywhere between $280. and $2,500. Whatever. Who cares how much anything costs, but if you're going to brag about it on tv, you may want to make sure you're being truthful. Despite Slimy Spencer, 'The Hills' premiere last night gave MTV a new record for viewership. Work it, girls. Below is Mandy Moore's cover of Rihanna's umbrella which was featured on the show. Rocks.