August 23, 2007

Brit Brit's Just Gettin' Started

The blogs have been reporting that Britney Spears was in Antwerp, Amsterdam and then Paris earlier this week. The owners of a cafe in Antwerp claim that she stopped in their place to use the ladies room on route from the airport and she was wearing a wig and looked not so great. After a 5 day break from being photographed, Brit Brit was spotted in Los Angeles yesterday. If she indeed traveled to Europe, we're guessing she went to go pay off this girl so she wouldn't testify against her in the custody case. So there, Kevin. Speaking of him...he spent the weekend in Vegas and partied it up both nights at Pure. Brit is making serious cash for hosting the opening of LAX at the Luxor. The hotel casino has even put a countdown on their site. Following that, the VMA's will take place in Vegas during which Brit Brit is supposed to make her big comeback. Ryan Seacrest debuted one of her songs this morning on his radio show which is clearly about Kevin and we rather like it. Go here to listen to it. Our favorite lyrics? 'Someday when you see my face, you will think that you have won. And someday when it's all away, I will have just begun.'