August 13, 2007

The Hills Have Been Hijacked By Heidi

'The Hills' season 3 premiere was tonight and the whole Jason and Lauren sex tape scandal was front and center as Lauren thinks Heidi and Spencer started the rumor. Despite Spencer saying that if he and Heidi were to get engaged it wouldn't be on Lauren's show, they seemed to have done just that. Slimy Spencer is now saying that it was a promise ring, but um, we just heard you say, "I'm ready to get engaged!" after you bought the ring. He's gross. Heidi is a freak and really needs to get some sun. And what was with that cheesy painting Spencer had put on the wall? Hollywood with $$$ signs all over it in their living room. Now that he is acting as Heidi's manager, you know he rehearses their lines which led to that ridiculous beach scene. Audrina is back with her ex-boy who is like a biker dude, and of course Lauren doesn't like him. Lo was so Laguna when she asked him about the Justin Bobby thing. Now that Audrina and Lauren live together, "Justin my friends call me Bobby" is sure to become a problem. Ooh, and Jason's coming back.