August 15, 2007

We Remember

Where do we begin with the drama surrounding Britney Spears? Kevin hired a pitbull lawyer and has served subpoenas on Brit's cousin slash former assistant, Alli Sims, as well as her former bodyguard. Brit's mother and sister appear to be on Kevin's side in his quest for custody of the kids. His lawyer believes their lives would be simpler without the frenzy that Brit creates with the paparazzi and her antics. Meanwhile Brit is on the cover of September Allure and Elizabeth Arden is releasing her new fragrance, Believe. Brit and Kevin settled their divorce recently and he didn't object to the 50/50 custody split. A few days later he filed a civil suit for 70/30 custody. Apparently, this is all about money for K-Fed. The fact that we just typed apparently is shocking considering the statement it precedes. Has the Fedster tricked us into forgetting the early days? Whew. A quick stroll through time has relieved us of our crazy.