September 29, 2007

Brit Brit Is Our New Baby Jessica

While we're not saying that the Fedster didn't have anything to do with Brit's rapid decline, we are confident that her betrayal of Justin was the catalyst that began the whole debacle. It's almost as if she fell into an uncovered well and the whole nation is waiting to see what happens, but more about her later. Above, Justin closes his world tour by throwing his shirt into an audience of screaming fans. He's appeared in numerous movies and we thought his role in Alpha Dog was rather impressive. He just won an Emmy, several VMA's and is nominated in five categories for the European VMA's. Obviously Brit has been regretting that cheating with the back-up dancer ordeal (who was BFF with Wacko Jacko and completely playing for the other team) but this here....this is like salt in the wound. But the rest of y'all...enjoy.