September 7, 2007

Brit Needs To Talk With A-Rod

MTV confirmed that Britney will open the VMA's on Sunday night, performing her song 'Gimme More.' It's far too early in the morning to be searching for our recent posts which play the song so click on Britney's category to hear the latest. Moving on, Brit showed up to the opening of LAX two hours late which she was hosting and chilled with Criss Angel in the fancy people section. They have the same agent, reformed cokehead (allegedly) Jeff Kwazinetz or however you spell it, the guy that bought the big agency and was engaged to Brittany Murphy. Anyway, MTV is thrilled to have Brit open the show, as are we, but we are just praying she rocks it. She really, really, really needs to knock it out of the park. We love the movie Magnolia when Philip Seymour Hoffman says 'this is one of those moments that you see in a movie. Those moments are in movies because they really happen. For our little Brit Brit, this is that moment.