September 19, 2007

Every Little Thing, Gonna Be All Right

On Monday, Britney Spears' lawyer AND agent dropped her. Ouch. Today a judge ruled that Brit Brit is a "habitual, frequent and continuous" user of alcohol and controlled substances and now must undergo twice-weekly random testing. She must also meet with a "parenting coach" twice a week for a minimum of 8 hours. Neither she nor the Fedster can drink alcohol or take non-prescriptions drugs at least 12 hours before visiting with the kids. We're sure this has to do with "Fat Tony" and his crazy lawyer, Gloria Allred, who has promised him as a secret witness. He was Brit's bodyguard for 2 months following her rehab stint and she fired him on May 17th because he didn't hear her tell him to pick up her hat. Whatever. He's disgruntled. Regardless, the NYC radio stations have had "Gimme More" at the top of their requests all week. She'll get through it and we'll cheer. Please, Britney, get through it. No clubs. No drugs. No drinking. No Cheetos. Work out and practice your singing. And your parenting. Okay, enough lecturing for today.