September 12, 2007

Leave Britney Alone!

While Britney has been out of sight since Sunday evening, her record company is using the added attention to focus on her album which will be released in November. Following her performance Brit made the rounds with her brother and was once again photographed getting out of the car with no underwear on. Her new album has a strong 80's influence and she worked with some great producers so it's bound to have some value. Hopefully she'll get herself in shape for the album release promo tour. When she walked out onto the stage Sunday she could see herself in the huge screens and said, "I looked like a fat pig." Hey, she said it, not us. The most frustrating part if it all, is that if she had just worn the corset that MTV urged her to wear and not acted like a brat, it could have all been great. She hired 2 female assistants of famed hair God Ken Paves, to do her weave for the show. Let's back up. She showed up to rehearsal on Saturday 4 hours late with a margarita in her hand. The choreography and routine looked amazing with Brit's stand-in and included lifts and complicated dance routines. Brit nixed all of that and basically just walked through the steps. We saw the video of it and she was wearing jeans, sunglasses and a huge straw hat to dance in. Whatever. Then she headed off to party with her cousin Alli, photos below.

Finally, at 4:30 am on Sunday (the day of her performance) she was seen leaving The Palms with Criss Angel. Way to prepare for the big comeback. So then Brit gets over to the show and nixes the corset saying it wasn't sexy enough, but we think maybe she wore it out the night before and got cheeto dust all over it? Anyway, she put on the bra and underwear, had some abs spray-tanned on and then freaked out because Ken Paves showed up himself to do her hair, rather than his assistants. Apparently Brit only likes to have females around. Probably because gay men actually tell her the truth or maybe because she's a lesbian. Whatever the case may be, Ken left and took his extensions with him and you all know the rest. Ken's pr rep said that he "made a professional decision not to style Britney for the VMA's." At least one person is coming to Brit's rescue and has become quite famous in the process. Chris Crocker has appeared on ABC, CNN, will be on The View, spoke to Howard Stern....all because of the below video he posted on YouTube. If you can bear to hear anything more on Britney click on the video below. Over 3 million other people have in the past 2 days.