September 29, 2007

Six Degrees Of Sutherland

Shortly after the above photo was taken, Keifer Sutherland got into his car and did an illegal u-turn in front of the club he had just left and of course, got a Dee-wee. He was officially charged today and hired Lohan's lawyer that got her the 1-day sentence for her two arrests so obviously he doesn't have much to worry about. Keifer is on probation for a DUI he got in 2004 and we believe he's had like 4 dee-wee's altogether. We lose count. While we're on the subject, his father Donald is brilliant as patriarch Tripp Darling, on Dirty Sexy Money which premiered this week on ABC. And again while we're on the subject, albeit a different subject, if you've never seen Ordinary People, please do. Now that we're on the Donald Sutherland subject, that reminds us of another amazing performance he gave in Six Degrees of Separation. Okay, we'll stop now.