October 23, 2007

How's That Workin' Out For Ya, Linds?

While you might not be able to read the tattoo in the last picture there, we assure you it says 'DEATH.' Sweet, dude. Lohan and her boyfriend (that she met in rehab) are back in Hollywood following The National Enquirer story regarding the guy's fiancee. Yes, fiancee. Always drama with the Lohan. Apparently this girl and Riley have lived together for 3 years in Laguna Beach. He was arrested for trying to forge prescriptions and off he went to Utah. The girl went to a group meeting and met Lindsey whom she said was overly nice, or fake. Two days later, the guy texts his fiancee and says they should take a break. He admits that he had sex with Lohan in a hallway, blah, blah, blah. The girl brings her engagement ring into be repaired and is told by the jeweler that the "diamonds" are actually cubic zirconium. Lohan sure knows how to pick 'em.