October 12, 2007

We Get It, Britney, Now Put It Away

Before we get into the whole family, kids, custody, no underwear issues, we must ask: What the hell is going on with Britney's weave? Is that even a weave anymore? What the hell is on her head? It probably scares her kids, not to mention the judge presiding over her custody battle. So Brit's mother and sister have reconciled with her and are currently out in Los Angeles trying to help her straighten out her life. That is a good thing....sort of. They need to buy her an alarm clock, maybe even babysit the crazy gal because she is incapable of taking care of herself. She overslept and missed the court hearing regarding custody much like she overslept and missed her first few drug tests. The good news, however, is that she did pass a few random drug tests recently and was awarded one supervised overnight visit per week with her sons. Her record label has pushed up the date for her album's release because so much of it has already been leaked online, and her first single "Gimme More" remains at the top of the charts. Okay. Now for the bad news...the little outfit she's wearing above is not only missing a bra, but she doesn't have any underwear on either. You guessed it, there are shots of her vagina all over the internet. Again. This is the third time she's shown her va-jay-jay to the world. It wasn't cute then, and it's certainly not cute now. For the love of God, someone make her stop.