November 13, 2007

He Can Only Hold Her

Shortly after they were arrested in Norway or someplace for possession of marijuana, the happy Amy Winehouse family headed back to London in preparation for her UK tour. And then....her husband was arrested, her home was raided and searched, and homeboy is in jail. Possibly for life. Whoa-ski. Blake is accused of trying to bribe a witness in his upcoming trial to the tune of $400,000. This guy thinks he's a Soprano or something. Despite her drama, we're still totally into her album and wish her the best of luck with that big ol' mess she's got over there. Cheerio.

Dude, Just Give Me Your Hand

TomKat was everywhere last week in an effort to promote 'Lions For Lambs' which stars Tom, Robert Redford and Meryl Streep. Snoozefest. It bombed in theaters over the weekend. Above is a photo of Katie doing her job and accompanying Tommy Boy to a premiere after she had just run the NYC marathon. Good for her. Lance Armstrong also ran the marathon and capped it off with a week of making out in public with Ashley Olsen. Yes, that Ashley Olsen. In other TomKat news, Andrew Morton's tell-all about Tom and his freak flags is set to hit bookstores on January 15th. Juicy.
Included in the biography will be the goods about Tom's sexuality as well as Scientard information. Last month a guy that had tried to blackmail Tom ended up dead of an *apparent* suicide. Hey, any man that wears this much blush is totally straight. Like a line.

Finally, we get to the fun part of the TomKat review. Katie was off making a movie for a while there with Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah called 'Mad Money.' The trailer is below and it actually looks pretty awesome. Way to go, girl. No, Tom, not you. Your wife.

Now's The Time To Finish That Screenplay

Today marks day nine of the writers' strike which is wreaking havoc on Hollywood. Currently we are sans television so we've been viewing nip/tuck and the such via youtube. That is what the strike is all about, but we'll direct you to Jon Stewart above for a proper explanation. [Sorry about that...wrong video. It's still funny, though.] Enjoy.

Everything's Gonna Be Alright

While we have been on a little blogger hiatus recently we've neglected to share our favorite music with you all. 'No One' by Alicia Keys is what we're loving right now. Just so you know.

Home For The Holidays

The lovely Lindsay Lohan has started her community service as punishment for her 2 DWI/coke possession mishaps. Her father is still crazy as you can see above, and her mother is currently filming a reality show out on the Island. The boyfriend, Riley, is still in the picture and allegedly wrote the following on his myspace blog: 'ADVICE OF THE WEEK: if your a mom, with 4 kids, the best thing u can do for them right now is have a reality show. WE. DO. NOT. WANT. she had the nerve to ask us to be on. no thanks!' Riley went on to write, 'Our place in ny is getting decked out, cant wait to move.. should be mid-december.' [Obviously Riley and Lohan share a common dislike of proper punctuation.] Now, we heard that Lohan was headed home east, and we're not sure if the city is ready. Remember her hijinks back in the day? At least she can take cabs, but still. New York is nowhere for a recovering alchoholic/druggie to be living. Just ask Natasha Lyonne. Who? Exactly.

November 12, 2007

Make It Work

November 7, 2007