December 10, 2007

We Will Always Love You

We must apologize, once again, for the lack of posting lately. "I'm freakin' dyin' ovah heeyah." Those of you that know us personally will get that reference. For the rest of our loyal readers, all we can offer is our sincerest apologies. The holidays are taking a toll with the many, many, many late nights and early mornings (that work thing) and we are sincerely sorry. We promise that we will get on the drama going on in Hollywood, albeit with rather brief posts, but you have our word. We're freakin' on it, yo. Speaking of being on it, our fave Whit-Whit performed recently in Europe and the word is that she did great with perhaps a few missed high notes. Considering where she has been and what she has achieved it is obvious that she deserves our utmost respect. Above is one of our fave Whitney Houston songs, 'My Love Is Your Love,' live in concert from 1999 and features the adorable little Bobbi Kristina. Enjoy.