January 7, 2008

I Told Ya That I Was Trouble

Although her husband, Blaaaaaakeeeeee, is in jail and unable to receive visitors...our girl Amy finally got her wits about her and went on vacation in the Caribbean. The courts in London announced last week that she was not responsible in any way in the extortion case that Blake is all messed up in. Ugh. She totally needs to lose him, but considering she wrote her last album during a period of time that they "were on a break," [holy friends reference] we predict her next venture will be amazing as well. She's not where she should be, but thank God she's not where she's been. [see below]. Recently, Amy travelled to Sweden or some other country to face charges from back in the fall when she and her husband were arrested for possession of marijuana. More importantly, she earned five Grammy nominations including Artist of the Year. Only Kanye West achieved more noms, with seven. We think that Amy should shop for some new undergarments before the awards ceremony, as nothing can symbolize a fresh start better than a set of new, sexy, (and un-scandalously-photographed) dainties.