February 10, 2008

Britney Lives To Smoke Another Butt

Britney is out of the hospital and was at the dance studio yesterday, looking like a hot mess. The last weeks have been extremely difficult for Brit and her father is now in charge of her, literally and financially. Her parents got a restraining order against weirdo, Sam Lufti. He used to crush up medicine for pschizophrenia and put it in her food. When she was admitted to the hospital after the meltdown, she told the paramedics that she had taken adderall that night. Brit's paparazzi boyfriend, Adnan, (top photo) was just sued for divorce by his wife. For those of you keeping score; K-Fed has full custody of the kids, and Brit is not allowed to see them following her trip to the psych ward. Considering the situation, we feel somewhat silly for criticizing the girl on her fashion choices. Obviously in Britney's world, 'wear sane person clothes' is absolutely nowhere on the to-do list.